Andrew Barthelmes
I grew up in Peekskill which sits just north of Indian Point, and my painting Indian Summer is about the nuclear power plant, which has been a source of controversy due to its safety issues and proximity to major populations. Now slated to close in 2021, the conversation has turned to its future, the continued threat to safety, and the possible reuse of the property. Many are not aware of the property’s past life as an amusement park, when it was owned by a steam ship company called The Hudson River Day Line. At one point the park drew as many as 15,000 visitors a day, on summer weekends. My work attempts to combine the past, present and future and evoke amusement park advertisements from a time when amusement parks were a huge draw in this area. The painting is oil on wood and measures 104”x 62”, including frame.

Indian Summer was part of the exhibit "Undercurrents: The River as Metaphor / Hudson Valley Artists 2017" at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at New Paltz. It is currently on view at the Riverkeeper in Ossining , NY.

Indian Summer
104" x 62"
Oil on Wood